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Tips on using Joobya

It is recommended that you use the same set of keyboard shortcuts across all projects. For example "CTRL +1" would be the Title of your website across all projects. This way, you will get used to your custom shortcuts in a few uses -- your link development time will come down dramatically.

In case you use the same entry across all projects - for example, if your email address is the same across all projects, make sure you click the "Add shorcut to all projects" checkbox.

To keep track of all websites you have posted your site to use the URL List feature of Joobya. Every time you have successfully made a form submission, just press CTRL+ALT+P and the website is successfully added to the database.

There would be occasions when a specified key combination is assigned a different function by a different application.

For example, CTRL N would mean a new Window in IE. Or CTRL T would mean a new Tab being opened in FireFox. Joobya does not disable shortcuts for other applications. Though the text you wanted would be pasted, there would also be a secondary-action (like opening of a new browser window) taking place that you do not want.

It is recommended that you use key combinations that are not "interfered" upon by other applications. Please check out the existing shortcuts for Firefox, IE and Opera by clicking here.

To find pages that have reciprocal link forms related to your subject, try searching for terms like keyword "add url" on search engines. You could also try alternatives using phrases like "add site", "submit site" or "submit link" along with your keyword.

Most sites using a specific reciprocals link manager would have a some common text across all pages. For example, all sites using linksmanager.com would have "search our sites" in their links pages. Try searching for keyword + "search our sites" to get a list of prospective link partners. You could try this technique with other reciprocal link managers too.

There are automated tools like Arelis or Zeus that can build you a huge list of prospective link partners quickly. But you would have to spend a huge amount of time weeding out the unnecessary links these software generate.

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