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What they are saying about Joobya: The SEO Form-filler

I just wanted to let you know that I'm really glad that I opted for Joobya. It has definitely made link building a lot easier and quicker. I would recommend it to anyone who is involved in the link development process.
Wil Geddie, Webmaster and SEO.

In my experience as a Webmaster for over 4 years, I have found that form submissions get a much better response rate from prospective link partners. Filling up these reciprocal linking forms was a tedious process till I tried Joobya. Joobya has speeded up link building for me by a great deal!
Henry Jackman, Webmaster

I have a team of 10 people who work exclusively on link development for multiple SEO projects. A major part of their time was taken up in filling up endless forms. Now that they use Joobya, we work at a must faster pace - gathering incoming links has become a lot easier.
Steve Lourcey, Professional SEO

Congratulations on designing such a simple, yet handy utility. Joobya is really simple to use and delivers what it promises. I wonder why anybody didn't think of such an utility before!
Sean Cheney, Webmaster and SEO

The best part about Joobya is its multi-project feature. I work on optimizing a number of websites simultaneously and this feature helps me greatly!
Trevor Fine, Professsional SEO

We prefer filling out the online forms rather than sending email requests as the former gets three times more responses. Joobya has really simplified the form submission process. Each form can now be submitted within seconds without any need for spell checks.
Jay Singh, Professional SEO

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how very happy I am with my purchase of Joobya. Reciprocal link submissions take just a few keyboard entries. My reciprocal link gathering speed has gone up by more than four times with this wonderful utility.
Dave Moody, Webmaster

The best part of Joobya is its simplicity. It doesn't over-promise like most other link building tools. It doesn't claim to get your website to the top of Google in two weeks. It promises efficiency to your link development program - and that is precisely what it does.
Peter Finch, InternetMarketing247.com

I do try out various SEO tools to see if they work for my team. I instantly liked Joobya because my team could gather incoming links at a much faster rate. It's not just me who is happy - my team is glad that the otherwise monotonous work is automated. And of course my clients are pleased with results!
James Fleming, Shype.co.uk

Under pressure from the client's deadline, I was thinking of adding more members to my SEO team till I came across Joobya and its shortcut features. By spending just $14.95, I have not just improved my team's efficiency, but saved quite a bit, by not hiring more guys.
Graham Crowley, Professional SEO

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