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Joobya- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joobya Form Filler Tool for SEO?
Joobya is a simple utility that allows you to set keyboard shortcuts for every fragment of text you frequently have to type. Created specifically for SEO and Link Development needs, Joobya helps in filling up of online forms (like reciprocal link submission forms) on web pages at a much faster pace with very little effort.

Is Joobya only for SEO and Link Development?
No. Joobya can be used for all purposes where you have to frequently enter repeated text fragments. By assigning keyboard shortcuts to simple things like your name or email address you could save a lot of time. However, Joobya, does have features that SEO and Link building professionals will benefit from.

Can Joobya work on my PC?
Joobya works on all systems that run Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP. It works with IE, Firefox, Netscape, Opera and other browsers. It also works with other applications like Notepad, MS office etc.

What are the key combinations I can use to create shortcuts?

You can use any of the following combinations:

[CTRL] + [Any alphanumeric key/Function key]
[CTRL] + [ALT] + [Any alphanumeric key/Function key]
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [Any alphanumeric key/Function key]

Note: alphanumeric keys are A to Z and 0 to 9. Function keys are F1 to F12

A few key combinations are reserved or not recommended. For example CTRL+ALT+P is reserved to add your URL to the database. Likewise, CTRL + F1 is usually Windows Help in most systems and may interfere with the normal functioning of the software.

There would be occasions when a specified key combination is assigned a different function by a different application. For example, CTRL N would mean a new Window in IE. Or CTRL T would mean a new Tab being opened in FireFox. Joobya does not disable shortcuts for other applications. Though the text you want would be pasted, there would also be a secondary-action (like opening of a new browser window) taking place that you do not want.

It is recommended that you use key combinations that are not "interfered" upon by other applications. Please check out the existing shortcuts for Firefox, IE and Opera by clicking here. We recommend that you do not use these shortcuts.

What if I am working on more than one SEO project?
Joobya can handle multiple projects. Create unlimited projects and each project can have its own set of shortcuts. You can simply switch over to the relevant project by a mouse click.

Is Joobya a spyware or an adware?
Joobya isn't a spyware or an adware. You can use the fee version for a evaluation period of 14 days. To continue using it, you would need to purchase it.

What if I want to disable the shortcuts I entered into Joobya?
Joobya's shortcuts will only work when Joobya is running in "enabled mode". You can "enable" or "disable" Joobya by clicking the icon on the taskbar.

I would like to keep my email address common for all projects. How do I manage that?
Simply check the checkbox titled "add shortcut to all projects" and the concerned text will be active for the assigned shortcut across all projects.

The field to enter keyboard shortcuts doesn't seem to be responding.
Make sure that Joobya is in Enabled mode. The utility won't allow you to assign shortcuts if it is in "disabled mode". To enable Joobya, click on the icon on the system tray and select "Enable".

What is the URL List feature?
You can keep a list of URLs where you have submitted your project info. Just press "CTRL+ALT+P" with the IE Window active and the URL will be added to your project list. To retrieve the list, just click the "URL List" button.

Can I try Joobya before I decide to purchase it?
Click here to download the evaluation version. You can try the software for 14 days. You would need to purchase it to continue using it.

How do I purchase Joobya?
Click here to go to our ordering page. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a link to download the fully functional software through email. Orders are processed through SWREG.org, one of the oldest and most reputed software stores on the Internet. Once your payment goes through, you'll be sent a an emal with a link to download a registered copy of Joobya.

How many projects can I create?
You can create as many projects you like with Joobya.

How many shortcuts can I set up with each project?
You can set as many shortcuts (as long as you don't run out of key combinations) you need per project.

How do I uninstall Joobya?
You can uninstall Joobya from the Add/Remove Programs feature in your Windows control panel.


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